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HubSpot portal cleanup

Sometimes it's better to clean the mess up and start fresh.

HubSpot portal cleanup

It starts with a detailed, careful planning

The portal management is not an easy task, and not every business has the proper planning to start with. 

Unlike cloud services like Dropbox or Google drive that are mainly only for files, HubSpot's portal is one-stop storage for everything your marketing campaign, website assets, and content are placed in.

Photos, videos, page templates, blog templates, system, global groups, custom modules, global modules, you name it. The longer your postpone to clean up, the more mess you'll end up with.

What if my portal is already a mess?

There is a cure...

HubSpot's templates and files structures are not the best, but they are rapidly improving. We at Giantfocal have managed more than 100 websites with a countless number of templates and asset files. 

If you want to start over with a clean HubSpot portal but have no idea where to start, we have a solution for you. 

Giantfocal offers HubSpot portal cleanup service. We'll help you to clean files, templates, modules, and global groups inside your portal. 

HubSpot portal mess

Frequently asked questions

How long does the clean up process take?

It depends on how large your portal is. The more templates, files, modules, and groups your portal has, the more time it will take for us to analyze and clean them. 

We'll always give a time estimate before starting a project.

Is my data safe with you?

Your files and data are 100% safe with us, we are not going to touch your published pages. The only files we'll download (for backup) from your portal are the asset files stored in File Manager. 

What will you do to the templates inside my portal?

First, we'll group them to where they belong. 

Second (optional), we'll rename each template to be as clear as possible, and archive them if you don't need them. 

Interested to know more?
Why don't we get in touch.

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