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What kind of tasks do you accept?

It's easier to list the tasks we don't accept rather than the ones we do accept. Make sure not to submit any task that falls into any of the categories below.


New page design/development


Site migration


Email setup & delivery


Writing content


HubSpot sales settings
(Workflow, Segmentation, CRM)


DNS/Domain setup

Save time by understanding

Bad vs. Good Tasks

Bad Tasks

A bad task is unclear and covers many edits that take more than 30 minutes to complete.

Some bad task examples:

  • Optimize all of the images on page X.
  • Create a new template like website A homepage.
  • Create a new hero banner section like on website A.
  • Update homepage's content with the attached document.
  • Install a new theme bought from the Marketplace for our website.

Good Tasks

A good task is clear, singular, and directly actionable. By simply reading the task's title, the Hubscout team understands what we need to do.

Some good task examples:

  • Update the hero banner's image with the attached image.
  • Replace the site's font family with Roboto (Google font).
  • Increase the 'About' section's height by 50%.
  • Increase the H1 font size to 40px.
  • Remove the 'features' section from the homepage

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