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How we save at least 80 minutes per year on HubSpot

HubSpot is amazing, but navigating between pages takes lots of clicks and time.

Let's do a quick Math:

  • How many clicks does it take to navigate from page editor to File Manager? 4 clicks. 
  • How about from page editor to Content Staging? Also 4. 
  • How about to menu in Content settings? Even worse, 5 clicks!

Just 4-5 clicks? They may not sound a lot. But, remember the compounding effect?


Assuming you open HubSpot twice per day (which most of us do way more). That’s already 8-10 clicks per day.

So how many clicks will you be doing in, say, 5 days per week, and then 4 weeks per month, and then 12 months per year?

1920-2400 clicks per year!

Don't forget that each click also requires a page load. Assuming each click takes 2 seconds to load the page, that would be a whopping 80 minutes per year.

80 minutes wasted for clicking from different HubSpot pages.

Even worse for you who consistently have to juggle across different portals.

Is there any solution to this madness? Yes!

Introducing: HubSpot Bookmarklets

The only bookmarklets in the market (literally) to help you navigate between HubSpot pages, literally fast. What usually takes 4-5 clicks can be done with just 1 click.

Hold on... why can't we just create normal bookmarks, then?

If you only work with 1 HubSpot portal, your "normal" bookmarks may work just fine. But, if you have multiple portals (which many of our clients do), you'll clutter your browser's bookmarks real fast.

With HubSpot Bookmarklets, you’re clutter-free and won’t be wasting time clicking back and forth across several HubSpot portals.

Here is a quick demo comparison between the "normal" workflow VS using the bookmarklets. 


So, what's the catch?

To see how well these bookmarklets can help everyone, we're giving away 2 bookmarklets for the 2 most utilized HubSpot features at no cost.

You'll get the bookmarklets for:

  1. File manager
  2. Content Staging

Ready to test them? Fill in the form below, and it will redirect you to the download page. 

"Download" here means dragging the bookmarklet to your Bookmark bar, simple as that. 

Download 2 Bookmarklets for FREE