Cost Calculator for HubSpot

Difficulty 9/10
Impact 9/10
Cost Calculator for HubSpot

One easy way to increase the quality of your leads and speed up the sales prospecting process is by introducing a cost calculator on your pricing or services page.

Taking it to the next level, you can also integrate HubSpot's form directly into the calculator, similar to how we built it for our Atomic sales page. The leads you'll get are super targeted and 100% ready to ascend to the next level of your funnel.

Some people may argue that displaying pricing on the site is a bad strategy, especially they'll be available to your competitors to copy, but is that the case?

Even though we hide our pricing from our pages, people will always find their way to find them nonetheless. For us, it's better to disclose them publicly to the site so we can avoid spending too much time on low-quality leads and focus only on the ones who are ready to convert.

If you wish to build a custom cost calculator on your HubSpot site, we can develop one for you. Simply submit the form below, and our team will get in touch asap.

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