Instagram Feed for HubSpot

Difficulty 8/10
Impact 8/10
Instagram Feed for HubSpot

If you think Instagram only works for B2C companies, then you're missing a massive marketing opportunity in the past few years.

LinkedIn may be the go-to-social media for B2B companies, but do you know that Instagram can generate 20 times more interactions than LinkedIn?

An even cooler stat, For every 1,000 followers your Instagram account gets, you'll most likely generate 22.53 interactions. Dwarfing the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and also LinkedIn.

If you already have an account, the next question is how to get followers?

A straightforward solution is to integrate an Instagram Feed on your site. It can also work as a "lead magnet" to convert those visitors who usually just bounce out and close your website to at least check your Instagram page. The more visitors pay your Instagram page a visit, the more followers you get.

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