Loading Animation for HubSpot

Difficulty 7/10
Impact 6/10
Loading Animation for HubSpot

No matter how fast a page loads, visitors hate to wait.

Google's study back in 2017 showed that if a page loads 1-3 seconds, there is a probability of 32% a visitor will bounce (also known as the bounce rate). And just 2 seconds longer, the bounce rate increases to a whopping 90%.

Imagine 90% of your visitors leave only because your page loads 2 seconds too long. 

As part of any on-page optimization we provide, the very first step is to make sure the page(s) should load as fast as possible. 

But there are cases where a page is simply too big to load in under 3 seconds. Imagine a product listing page with tens or even hundreds of images to load, it's almost impossible to optimize the page to load in under 3 seconds unless we implement a lazy load script, but that will be a different topic. 

What other option do we have? A loading animation! 

Don't let your visitors think your page is broken while, in fact, it still loads all the necessary assets for it to be displayed correctly. Instead, show an interactive loading animation to keep them engaged with your brand. 

For HubSpot sites, there is no easy way to implement a loading animation because HubSpot doesn't have the integration by default. We need to develop one from scratch, and if you wish to have one for your site, submit the form below.

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