Capture more leads on HubSpot using Quizzes

Difficulty 5/10
Impact 9/10
Capture more leads on HubSpot using Quizzes

Screenshot from Leadquizzes.

The quiz isn't something new, it's not a groundbreaking innovation that revolutionizes the web, but one thing for sure: it works like a charm.

Using a quiz as lead capture, Neil Patel increased his website's conversion rate by 500%!

The question is, what kind of quiz should you make? First, you need to choose which core offer or product you're trying to promote.

Building a quiz without having a clear funnel that leads to the main product or service you're trying to sell is a waste of time and money.

If you work in finance, you can perhaps build a simple quiz on retirement readiness assessment. 

If you are in healthcare, a quiz to help people know more about thyroid problems would be helpful. Once they complete the questions and get all the facts, you can add a lead capture form for a free consultation. 

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