HubScout isn't just a service, we're your design & development team!

Great company to work with

Giantfocal delivers exceptional products and services. Highly recommend them. Team is responsive, helpful and skilled!

- Anthony Guilhem, Momentumm


HubSpot customers use our products

Let's start with...

The million-dollar problems HubScout solves

"I'd like to make continuous improvements for my HubSpot website, but I do not have the budget to work with a significant retainer agency on a monthly basis."

"My company has no in-house developer to manage the website."

"My company has solid marketing strategies in place, but we don't have the perfect HubSpot developers to implement them."

"My HubSpot website doesn't convert as well as I need it to, but I have no idea where to get started."

"I know a bit of HubSpot development, but I don't have time to manage the website."

"We don't have the capability and time to lead an in-house HubSpot developer."

Have a similar HubSpot "problem"?
You've come to the right place. 

How HubScout works

Dedicated customer portal for all tasks and discussions

No more juggling between different apps to get the development done. Submit your tasks to HubScout, and our team of experts will get them done for you.

customer portal

Unlimited revisions

Got changes after we complete a task? No worries, request unlimited revisions until you're 100% satisfied with the deliverables. 

project discussions

Submit unlimited tasks at once

Submit all your tasks for the week, month, or quarter at once into the customer portal. Our team will complete each task one by one depending on your tier.

unlimited HubSpot development tasks

Incredible Knowledge, Awesome Customer Success and Services

If you need a HubSpot development team look no further GiantFocal is your go-to vender. It is a pleasure to work with GiantFocal on our website migration to HubSpot with phase 2 of complete site redesign and development. Abraham and the GiantFocal team are awesome they have incredible knowledge and skills to deliver on time and within budget and often exceed my expectation. Most important they are responsive when you have questions. GiantFocal is not just a vendor but a trusted partner.

- Steven Liao, Incorta

What tasks are covered?

Anything that involves coding on HubSpot, creating pages, optimizations, and many more. If you get a unique task/project that may involve non-development aspects, feel free to get in touch.


Page creation

Email templates

Speed Optimization

Custom modules

Image optimization

Blog template


Full site mockup

Module design

Landing page design


Image sourcing

Animated Icons

... and many more

Our transparent pricing tiers

Tier 1

$ 1,000 /mo
  • 1 task at a time
  • All domains in the portal covered
  • 24 hours max response time
  • Dedicated customer portal

Tier 2

$ 1,700 /mo


  • 2 parallel tasks at a time
  • All domains in the portal covered
  • 24 hours max response time
  • Dedicated customer portal

Tier 3

$ 2,400 /mo


  • 3 parallel tasks at a time
  • All domains in the portal covered
  • 24 hours max response time
  • Dedicated customer portal

Complete features list


Limits Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
# Active Tasks
1 task at a time
2 tasks at a time
3 tasks at a time
Tasks in Queue
# of domains/subdomains
All in the same portal
All in the same portal
All in the same portal


Development Features Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Website pages dev + creation
Landing pages dev + creation
Blog listing dev + migration
Blog posts dev + migration
System pages dev + creation
Drag-and-drop email templates
Multi-language variation setup
HubDB integration
Drag-and-drop pages
Page speed test + optimization
Pillar pages dev + creation
HubSpot SEO recommendation fixes
A/B testing
Content Staging
Smart rules/content setup
Content writing


Design Features Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Full-page mockup
Landing page mockup
Module design
Illustrations (SVG)
Icons design (SVG)
Free stock photos sourcing

Why HubScout instead of hiring in-house developer?

It depends on how big your projects are and how much capital and time your company is willing to invest in.

Here is a real-life comparison between hiring a full-time HubSpot developer VS having an active HubScout subscription.

Full-time HubSpot developer


is how much it costs to hire a HubSpot developer in the United States.

Add other variables such as training time + cost, trial and error (especially for less experienced HubSpot developer), physical costs, and bonuses every year.

It adds up to over $100,000 per year just to get started with your own HubSpot development with no guaranteed quality.



is how much HubScout will cost you annually.

HubScout isn't just a service, we're your development team!

We'll help you boost your marketing and sales efforts while keeping your budget under control. No hidden fees, ever. You get unlimited development tasks per month, all at a fixed price.

Frequently Asked

How soon can we start?

In 3 working days. 

  1. First, we'll send a proposal for you to sign. 
  2. Second, we'll send the invoice for the first 2 months-commitment. 
  3. Third, you'll give us access to your HubSpot portal + give us the first task(s). 
  4. Forth, our team will review the site and get started immediately.

Is there any minimum subscription commitment?

Yes, the minimum subscription commitment is 2 months.

How do I get the most value out of HubScout?

Prepare your marketing strategies in advance, because development always follows marketing. Ideally, you'll have a 3 month-long marketing strategy (quarterly).

Once you have a solid strategy in place, we can begin the development phase with HubScout.

But if you're looking to use HubScout for regular HubSpot site maintenance, we can start immediately.

How long does a task typically take to complete?

It depends on the level of complexity.

A long homepage will take a lot more time to develop than a simple landing page.

We have everything documented in our internal SOP, and we'll ensure the timeframe we send is objectively accurate.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept ACH or wire transfer as the main payment method.

Do you provide phone support?

No. We use a custom client portal to add, track, and discuss all tasks. 

Does HubScout help me with SEO?

HubScout covers technical SEO optimization such as page speed optimization, A/B testing, conversion rate optimization, schema implementation, and many others.

Content writing isn’t covered yet at the moment.

If I ask for too many changes, will I be charged more?

No. The beauty of HubScout is that we get rid of “scoping” and “quoting” out of the equation to speed up your development process.

You can request unlimited revisions. Each revision will have its separate timeframe from the original task/ticket request.

How do the pricing plans work if I want to add more than one person in charge?

The number of people in charge of the project doesn’t affect the fixed pricing of HubScout, but we have a limit of 3 users to invite into the HubScout customer portal per subscription.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course. HubScout requires a 2-month initial commitment to getting started. Then we proceed to a month-to-month subscription.

You can stop your subscription before your next monthly renewal.

Who owns the codes/modules/templates created by HubScout?

You own them. All codes, modules, templates, and files other than designs are all stored in your portal.

Do you provide any training?

You’ll receive a getting started guide explaining how the system works. We designed HubScout as user-friendly as possible with almost no learning curve.

GiantFocal assets and team are highly recommended

Our business has been working with the Giant Focal team for several years now. We love their templates and now, their new theme products. We also have been very pleased with their ongoing support and help. They are highly engaged and responsive and we are thankful for their attention to detail and excellence in all they do.

- Janelle Zander, Love Justice international

Get started in 3 easy steps

#1: Sign up + sign the proposal

Fill in the form at the bottom of the page to get started. Our team will deliver HubScout proposal in 1x24 hours (working days). 

HubScout proposal

#2: Finalize the first invoice

Once the proposal is signed, we'll send an invoice for the initial 2 months' commitment. 


#3: Start your HubScout journey

You'll gain access to our dedicated customer portal where you can submit all of your tasks.

getting started

Very nice package and great support from GiantFocal along the way. Definitely recommended.

Glenn Kemp

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! GiantFocal were a pleasure to work with, fast turnaround, very helpful, great designs and friendly pricing. After being a part of site builds for well over a decade, this one was the best experience by far. 

Mark Lennon

Just one word: awesome! Not only the template itself, but support from Johannes (GiantFocal) is unmatched. Big thumbs up!!

Carsten Lange

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