Refund Policy

We provide a 5-days limited refund warranty for every purchase of our products. 

Reasons to request a refund

  • The product has a major and unfixable flaw making it unusable.
    Please send us an email to with an explanation of what the major flaws/issues are. 

Reasons why a refund will not be given

  • You bought the product by mistake.
    Please double or triple-check before purchasing any product in the HubSpot marketplace. 
  • You changed your mind.
    Please reach out to us at for any theme/product questions. We'll be more than happy to provide detailed explanations and a walkthrough to ensure that the product you're purchasing meets your needs. 

  • There are small bugs or issues. 
    We (GiantFocal) always push bug and issue fixes regularly. Please send us a screenshot and a short brief of the bug(s) you found, and our team will fix them in the next update.

Last updated: December 28th, 2020