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HubSpot FAQ Schema Module

Easily install FAQ schema on any page or blog post on your HubSpot site. 


Why FAQ Schema Markup?

Schema markup is not something new, but its implementation is becoming more critical, with the rise of featured snippets taking a lot more display on the Google search results.


And a big chance Google will show the questions and answers you add underneath your website/page on the search results page. Here is an example from our HubScout sales page. 


Therefore, setting up an FAQ schema on your site is a no-brainer and more crucial than ever. The problem with HubSpot is we don't have a built-in schema generator.

A simple workaround is simply to copy and paste the FAQ schema codes into each page's <head> section, but it's a massive time-waster!

We have a better solution: the FAQ Schema custom module.

Drag-and-drop the module into your HubSpot templates, and start adding your FAQ schema in each page or blog post. 

Download the FAQ Schema module today