Terms of Use

When purchasing or downloading our theme(s) from HubSpot marketplace, you'll get the complete theme source files automatically migrated over to your portal.

Each license (purchase) is valid only in the portal it's purchased from. 

If you need to use the theme on multiple portals, you'll need to purchase or download the theme from each portal.

Things you can do

  1. You are licensed to use the theme on all domains within the portal it's purchased/downloaded from. 
  2. Create a child theme (extending the original theme's folder) to customize its source files.
  3. Use the theme as your website foundation and develop new elements/features/modules extending the theme.

Things you can't do

  1. Migrate/Clone theme into a different HubSpot portal.
    HubSpot disables the option/feature to migrate purchased themes to another portal. 
  2. You can't redistribute or resell our themes in any form.