March Documentation

Module: Breadcrumb

Hatch theme's Breadcrumb module fully utilizes HubSpot's built-in breadcrumb feature that is based on the Menu field. 

Some notes before we start:

  1. HubSpot menu (including breadcrumb) only shows published pages. 
    When you add the Breadcrumb module to a page, it won't show anything if the "assigned" pages in the menu are still in draft.
  2. HubSpot breadcrumb works in a parent-to-children hierarchy. 

    From the example above, when we're on the Inner page #2, the breadcrumb shown will be as follows:

    Home > Parent A > Inner page #1 > Inner page #2

Here are the steps to set up a Breadcrumb module:

  1. Add the Breadcrumb module into any Hatch page
  2. The three important fields are the Menu, Home Icon, and Home Page Url

    Here is how the three fields above are displayed on the page: