March Documentation

Customize header

Hatch theme's header is developed as a global partial. You'll only need to update it once and it will be updated on all pages using the same theme.

Here are the steps to open the Header global module:

  1. Open any page using Hatch theme in the page editor
  2. Open the Contents tab and choose Page header

  3. Click Open in global content editor
  4. In the left sidebar, choose Header > Edit global module
  5. It will open a new tab to load the Header global module. 
    Once loaded, you can find all the header fields/elements in the left sidebar. 

    The available options:
    1. Enable Top Header: Boolean to enable/disable the top header
    2. Top Header group: all the fields to update the text, background color, and hyperlink of the Top Header section
    3. Position: Choose how the header should interact on the site (Static, Sticky, or Stick w/ Hide on Scroll)
    4. Content: Update logos, menu, and button/CTA
    5. Mega Menu Repeater: click here to read more.
    6. Social Links: to control the social links displayed in the mega menu