March Documentation

General module fields layout

All modules included in the Hatch theme are all built using the same framework and structure, including the general folders structure and fields naming.

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  1. Variant:
    Read more about Variant here.
  2. Appearance
    Controls how the module looks. Options included are:
    1. Prebuilt style (Border, Box, Card, Card Border, or Custom)
    2. If you choose Prebuilt Style = Custom, you can customize Border, Background (color, image, or gradient), Padding, Border Radius, and Shadow.
  3. Layout
    Controls how the module is displayed (Grid, Slider, or Masonry)
  4. Content
    This is where all content-related elements are located at. This group covers all text, images, and icons. 
  5. Custom ID and Custom Classes
    Allow you to create anchor links to the section edited, or assign new CSS classes to further customize using a custom CSS file.


  1. The fields and groups above ARE NOT available in every Hatch module. Each module has only the fields and groups it needs. 
    For examples:
    1. The Gallery module doesn't have the Typography/Alignment group because it has no text. 
    2. The Content module doesn't have the Layout fields group because it's not a single module, not a repeater.