March Documentation

Getting started with Hatch Theme

First of all, welcome to the future of HubSpot!

Hatch comes with everything you need to launch or relaunch a HubSpot site. 

Important notes

  1. To get started, you should find the GiantFocal > Hatch folder inside the @marketplace folder.

  2. Do not clone the Hatch folder
    Cloning the theme will disconnect the folder from the HubSpot marketplace. Which means you won't be able to download/install new updates in the future. 

    Instead of cloning the theme, you can either:

    1. Create a child theme to extend the theme.
      Please follow this guide: 

    2. Build new modules OUTSIDE of the theme's folder. 
      You'll still be able to drag-and-drop them into any Hatch-powered pages.