How to embed Google Maps on HubSpot

Embedding a Google map onto a HubSpot page is surprisingly straightforward. Using a rich-text field Insert option, you can embed any iframe without coding required.

Here are the steps:

  1. First, we need to get the map's embed code, 
    If you have it already, continue to step #2. If not, follow these steps
  2. Open and insert the address we're embedding. 
    Once the map is loaded, click the Share icon.
  3. It will open a popup. Click Embed a map, and then COPY HTML
  4. Open your page in HubSpot page editor
  5. If you're using one of our themes (Hatch, Atomic, Atomic Lite, Hatch Landing, or Hatch Lite), you can drag-and-drop the Content module into the location you wish to embed Google Map. 
    If you aren't using our theme, you can use HubSpot's default rich-text module. 
  6. In the rich-text field of the module you just added, click Insert > Embed.

  7. It will open a popup and paste the embed code you've copied from Google Maps into the field. 
    HubSpot will preview the map simultaneously. 
  8. Once confirmed, click Insert
  9. Done


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